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			Defect - 

The failure of an item to meet a specific inspection criterion. 

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Defectives - The failure of an item to meet one or more a set of inspection critera.

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Defects - Imperfections; or the characteristics which cause nonconformance or failure.

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Total Quality Management (1) - Interfunctional approach to quality management, developed by Joseph Juran, involving marketing, engineering, manufacturing, purchasing, etc. Defects should be defined through examining customer expectations. The focus is on prevention, detection, and elimination of sources of defects. The Juran total quality management trilogy is quality control, quality planning, and quality projects. Acronym: TQM Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency

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Warranties - Warranties are contractor commitments to repair or replace equipment found to be defective within a specified period. Warranties provide incentives for production of systems with high reliability and maintainability, and invoke cost penalties (direct and/or indirect) on the contractor if standards are not met. Reference: Air Force Institute of Technology, Graduate School of Acquisition and Logistics

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