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Welcome to the LogisticsWorld Logistics Glossary.

The LogisticsWorld Logistics Glossary is more than a list of terms and definitions. It is an interactive tool for learning and exploring logistics on the world wide web.

You can browse the glossary using the alphabetical index, or search the glossary using the keyword search form. A complete glossary index is also available from which to select and view listings.

Each listing contains related terms, acronyms that may be associated with the term, and images from the LogisticsWorld Graphics Gallery when applicable. The glossary includes a search wizard that allows you to search the LogisticsWorld Logistics Database, the LogisticsWorld Acronym Database, and any of the major internet search engines. You can keep track of your activities with the Search History feature that displays a running list of the terms you have searched. The glossary also allows you to customize the display by turning on or off certain features.

Enjoy, and feel free to send any comments or suggestions you have.

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