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			Aircraft - 

A vehicle designed for air transportation. 

 Acronym: A/C, ACFT


Related Terms: Aircraft - aerospace | air | airborne | air cargo | air carrier | air freight | airline | airport | freight |

Airport - A facility from which aircraft takeoff and land.

Related Terms: Airport - aircraft | airway | facility | land |

Airway - A covered ramp used for loading and unloading aircraft passengers.

Related Terms: Airway - aircraft | airline | load | loading | passenger | unload |

Barge - A flat-bottomed vessel for transporting freight in rivers or canals and which is usually towed or pushed by another craft.  Barge

Related Terms: Barge - canal | craft | freight | ship | transportation | vessel | water |

Black Box - Any removable and replaceable unit in a system, usually an electronic device; or the data recorder in an aircraft.

Related Terms: Black Box - aircraft | component | parts | spare | spares |

Boat - A small vessel or craft that is usually open; or a vessel designed for use on inland rivers, lakes or waterways.  Boat

Related Terms: Boat - craft | inland waterway | vessel | water |

Cargo - The freight carred by a ship, aircraft, truck or other vessel or vehicle.

Related Terms: Cargo - aircraft | cargo handler | freight | ship | truck | vehicle | vessel |

Craft - A man-made vehicle used for transporting people or goods; or a skill, trade, or profession.

Related Terms: Craft - transport | transportation | vehicle | vessel |

CRAFT (1) - Cooperative Research Action for Technology, a 1989 initiative to encourage smaller enterprises to collaborate with each other in new and environmentally helpful research and technology. Acronym: CRAFT Reference: Professor Derek Urwin, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, U.K.,

Related Terms: CRAFT (1) - international | trade |

Dock - A platform for loading or unloading trucks, trains, ships, or aircraft; or an aircraft hangar.  Dock

Related Terms: Dock - hangar | load | loading | pier | unload |

Hangar - A building in which aircraft are parked.  Hangar

Related Terms: Hangar - aircraft | facility |

Inland Waterways - Subject to EC legislation since 1982 in terms of types and specifications of commercial craft, with mutual recognition on navigability and control since 1976. Reference: Professor Derek Urwin, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, U.K.,

Related Terms: Inland Waterways - international | trade |

Lock - An enclosure at a dam that allows the water level to be raised or lowered to allow water craft to pass.  Lock

Related Terms: Lock - canal | craft | river | vessel |

Manifest - An itemized list of all passengers and cargo onboard a ship or aircraft; a listing of goods carried by a truck or train; or a listing of railcars in a train. Acronym:  Manifest

Related Terms: Manifest - aircraft | bill of lading | cargo | inventory | invoice | passenger | railcar | ship | train | truck |

Tanker - A vehicle for transporting bulk liquid freight; a tanker ship; a tanker truck or trailer; or a tanker aircraft. The equivalent form of rail transport is the tank car.  Tanker

Related Terms: Tanker - aircraft | bulk | car | freight | railroad | ship | trailer | transportation | truck | vehicle |

Taxiway - A road or path for aircraft that connects a runway with other airport facilities.  Taxiway

Related Terms: Taxiway - aircraft | airport | facility | runway |

Vessel - A craft designed for water transportation.  Vessel

Related Terms: Vessel - craft | transportation | water |

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