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			Computer-Aided Design (1) - 

The application of information technology to elements of the design process for manufactured, assembled, and constructed products, covering both drafting applications (in the creation, modification, storage, and production of engineering and other technical drawings) and modeling (the generation and use of full three-dimensional models). 

 Acronym: CAD

 Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Included with permission from Joan Smith, "An Introduction to CALS: The Strategy and the Standards", 1990

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Conservation - The process through which systems, equipment and resources are maintained, improved, or replaced: conservation encompasses storage, maintenance, salvage, protection, reclamation, and preparation or modification for reuse.

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Depot Maintenance - Activities extending beyond the capabilities of the organizational or intermediate levels. Depot maintenance tasks include overhaul, repair, major modification, and technical assistance. Acronym: DM

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Digital Technical Data - Includes the part descriptions, product specifications, and standards that the initial designer draws upon; the engineering drawings and product data used in design and manufacturing; the information needed to guide the people who operate the system in the field, or who support and maintain it at all echelons of the Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Department of Defense, United States Government "Military Handbook 59-B", 1993

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Integrated Product Data Base - A common product data base enables changes and modifications available to users simultaneously. Acronym: IPDB Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Included with permission from: National Security Industrial Association "CALS Expo '93, Proceedings and Reference" 1993

Related Terms: Integrated Product Data Base - data | data base | design | engineering | manufacturing | product |

Modification - A change from an original design, plan, or configuration.

Related Terms: Modification - configuration | conservation | design | maintenance |

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