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			Action Committee for a United States of Europe - 

An interest group of political and trade union leaders founded by Jean Monnet in 1955 after the failure of the European Defence Community (EDC). 

 Reference: Professor Derek Urwin, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, U.K.,

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Defect - The failure of an item to meet a specific inspection criterion.

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Defectives - The failure of an item to meet one or more a set of inspection critera.

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Defects - Imperfections; or the characteristics which cause nonconformance or failure.

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Failure - An operating state or condition that is outside of stated or desired results; or a state of inoperability.

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Malfunction - A failure or state of operation outside of specified parameters.

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Reliability (1) - The duration or probability of failure-free performance under stated conditions; or the probability that an item can perform its intended function for a specified interval under stated conditions. Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Included with permission from Joan Smith, "An Introduction to CALS: The Strategy and the Standards", 1990

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