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			Formatting Output Specification Instance - 

A FOSI is used for formatting SGML documents. It is a separate file that contains formatting information for each element in a document. 

 Acronym: FOSI

 Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Included with permission from: ArborText Getting Started with SGML, 1992

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Gear Ratio - Number, usually expressed as a decimal fraction, representing how many turns of the input shaft cause exactly one revolution of the output shaft. Applies to transmissions, power takeoffs, power dividers and rear axles. Example: If 2.5 revolutions of an input shaft cause one revolution of the output shaft, the gear Reference: Truck Writers of North America (TWNA)

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Overdrive - Gearing in which less than one revolution of a transmission's input shaft causes one turn of the output shaft. The purpose of overdrive is to reduce engine rpm in high gear for better fuel economy. Example: A transmission with an overdrive top gear has a ratio of 0.70 to one. Reference: Truck Writers of North America (TWNA)

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Text-Graphics Integration - The necessary indexing and linkages between a computer readable text file and a separate computer readable graphics file, or graphics subsection of the same text file, such that both portions can be output or updated as a single, apparently continuous, unit. Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Department of Defense, United States Government "Military Handbook 59-A" 1993

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