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			Air - 

A transportation medium; the atmosphere; or the area between earth and space. 

Related Terms: Air - aircraft | airport | medium | transportation |

Electronic Commerce Resource Center - Electronic Commerce Resource Centers were established by Congress to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) transition from out-moded, paper-intensive methods of doing business to highly automated integrated processes. The tools needed to make this transition are known collectively as "Electronic Commerce" (EC), initiatives including CALS, EDI, Concurrent Engineering and Legacy Acronym: ECRC Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency

Related Terms: Electronic Commerce Resource Center - continuous acquisition and life-cycle support | electronic commerce |

Magnetic Tape - Magnetic tape is the preferred physical medium for delivery of technical data in digital form because it is a mature, stable technology that is able to handle the large volumes of data typically involved in a major weapon system acquisition. Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency Department of Defense, United States Government "Military Handbook 59-B", 1993

Related Terms: Magnetic Tape - computer | data | hardware | medium | software | technical data | technology |

Medium - A system or environment in which something functions or operates; a channel or pathway; or a means or method of operation.

Related Terms: Medium - channel | environment | function | operation | system | transportation |

Optical Disk - An unalterable optical storage medium that allows large amounts of data to be permanently written to it. An optical disk is read using laser and magnetic technology and has a useful life span of 100 plus years. Reference: ECRC University of Scranton / Defense Logistics Agency

Related Terms: Optical Disk - compact disk read-only memory | computer | data | data base | hardware | medium |

Pipeline - A transportation medium for moving fluids from one place to another.

Related Terms: Pipeline - transportation | medium |

Railroad - A transportation medium consisting of a track composed of parallel rails and ties for trains and other rail vehicles; or a system of tracks, equipment, facilities, and property for railroad transportation.  Railroad

Related Terms: Railroad - engine | equipment | facility | rail | railcar | rails | railway | transportation | vehicle |

Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Task force - A Commission agency providing advice and assistance to smaller companies on EC competition policy and the internal market. Acronym: SME Reference: Professor Derek Urwin, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Aberdeen, Aberdeen, U.K.,

Related Terms: Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprise Task force - international | trade |

Water - A transportation medium; the hydrosphere; oceans, seas, lakes, rivers, streams, canals, and inland waterways.

Related Terms: Water - inland waterway | marine | maritime | ship | transportation | vessel | waterway |

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