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    AIDT Success Stories - Images/Links: 1, 2 - David LaBonte, Manager of Training and Communications AIDT supported pre-employment training and conducted 19 classes in paper manufacturing processes for Champion, with 267 trainees successfully completing. Key to the success of those programs was the development of manuals detailing Champion's processes. "The process specific manuals that AIDT developed for Champion, Inc. have been a tremendous benefit to us by providing trainees in the pre-employment program an overview of the whole facility from wood-in to paper product-out, as well as basic mill safety. Based on the success of the initial pre-employment programs, we've continued to use the entire process--applications through state employment office, interviews, class format, including the original plant overview manuals--on an as-needed basis for the past three years. Development of a process specific plant overview manual was time-consuming and detail oriented.

    Air University Home Page, Research - Images/Links: 11, 64 - A good starting point with information on: How to find what you're looking for How to find who you're looking for Pointers to WWW browsers and document viewers This is a US Government Computer System -- Please Read! Catalogs Air University Catalog 1995-96 AFIT Catalog AU Press Publications Air University Education Digest Key Air University Educational Staff, Commandants, Commanders, and Directors Faculty and Academic Staff Directory--> Air University 50th Anniversary Montgomery Area Combined Federal Campaign USAF Chief of Staff - Directed Future Studies 2025 Final Report Air Force Announces 2025! A Quick Look at Air Force 2025 What Others Are Saying About Air Force 2025 SPACECAST 2020 Research Coordinator Office (AU/RCO) Research Starting Points Ongoing and Completed Research Database Faculty/Staff Expertise Database

    ASIS '95 Mid-Year Conference Program - Images/Links: 46, 19 - ASIS '95 Mid-Year Conference Program Learn how others handle journal standards, peer review, and validation Discover what experts say about the future of abstracting and indexing services Uncover must-know information about solving electronic distribution problems Find out if electronic publishing/copyright issues will hurt or help your organization? Member, U.S. Advisory Council, National Information Infrastructure Task Force Chair, Working Group on Intellectual Property of the National Infrastructure Task Force Early registration deadline is April 17, 1995. Contents Technical Program ASIS Conference Sponsor Continuing Education / Professional Development Conference Headquarters Conference Location Getting Around Social Events / Tours Registration Form Technical Program Committee Bonnie Lawlor, Chair

    BCRI (BC Research Inc.), British Columbia, Canada - Images/Links: 30, 24 - BCRI - BC Research Inc. BCRI (BC Research Inc. ) is a private corporation based on a proud fifty year history as an R&D contractor in British Columbia, Canada. BCRI is focussed in a number of areas: BCRI provides its international customers with sustainable solutions through contract research and development, and with rapid commercialization through accelerated innovation. Copyright 1995 BC Research Inc.

    CargoNet to use AT&T Technology for Electronic Commerce - Images/Links: 1, 8 - CargoNet to use AT&T technology for electronic commerce CargoNet to use AT&T technology for electronic commerce HONG KONG -- AT&T and CargoNet today announced they will deliver one of the area's first electronic commerce services to the booming trade and transport industry in Hong Kong and southern China. CargoNet, an electronic document handling and information service, will use AT&T's global messaging technology to automate the flow of documents between users. For example, freight forwarders can make electronic bookings on ships and aircraft, and transport operators can produce electronic bills of lading and manifests. CargoNet will also be linked with banks to speed payments through electronic invoices and credit lines.

    CAST Home Page, Mississippi State - Images/Links: 21, 21 - MSU CAST CAST evolved from the Institute for Naval Oceanography's (INO) Experimental Center for Mesoscale Ocean Prediction (ECMOP). The ECMOP was one of two major projects of INO that began in 1987. CAST began operation under the auspices of Mississippi State University as one of its eleven academic research centers on 1 October 1992. The CAST emphasis is on application of numerical ocean models and modeling techniques toward realistic simulation of ocean conditions, particularly the physical and dynamic state of coastal waters and semi-enclosed seas. The research effort is collaborative with the Navy, Army, private industry and other university projects in ocean and atmospheric modeling, simulation, and analysis.

    CAST Software Applications, Mississippi State - Images/Links: 1, 16 - CAST has developed the following software applications: The CAST Model Evaluation System (CMES) The Interactive Data Editing And Analysis System (IDEAS) The Database Browsing System (BROWSER) The Network Database Browsing System (NETBROWSER) The FNMOC BROWSER (ISIS BROWSER) The MOODS Data Management System The Surface Currents Database Management System The Network Navy Environmental Operational Nowcasting System (NETNEONS) The DieCAST Ocean Modeling System (DieCAST) The Naval Interactive Data Analysis System (NIDAS) The Naval Interactive Data Analysis System for Climatologies (NIDAS-C) The Logistics over the Shore (LOTS) Real Time Wave Forecasting System (RTWF) Graphical User Interface The Coastal Engineering Data Retrieval System (CEDRS) Graphical User Interface The Relocatable Tidal Models in Marginal, Semi-Enclosed, and Coastal Seas Weather Watch Briefing Software for Tactical Environmental Support System (TESS) Prototype Wave Model Output Quality Control System (WAMQC)

    Coleman Research Corp. Home Page - Images/Links: 14, 7 - Coleman Research Corporation Homepage Coleman Research Corporation (CRC), headquartered in Orlando, Florida, was founded in October 1980 to provide systems integration, systems engineering, and analytical services to both government and industry. CRC, with 1995 revenues of $165 million, currently has more than 1,200 employees located at technical operations in Orlando, Florida; the Washington, DC area; Huntsville, Alabama; Idaho Falls, Idaho; Charleston, South Carolina; and other locations throughout the United States. Coleman Research Corporation

    Decision Support Systems Research Group, Monash University, Australia - Images/Links: 1, 1 - Decision Support Systems Research Group As part of a general upgrade of the Department of Information System's WWW pages the DSS Research Group's Web pages have moved. The new improved set of WWW pages are located at the URL "".

    Defense Research Agency - Images/Links: 11, 11 - DRA Highlights DRA Highlights Here are a few of the many and diverse projects on which the Defence Research Agency has worked. Their successful development is a testimony to the brilliance and dedication of the DRA's staff. The helmet mounted pyroelectric camera produced by DRA and GEC Marconi for the firefighting services. For the first time, thermal imaging is compact and light enough for individual use, opening up a plethora of civil and military applications.

    Department of Industrial Management and Engineering - Images/Links: 15, 18 - The Department performes education and research within Industrial Management and Engineering. This comprises of engineering and management tasks involved in the development and operation of industrial manufacturing systems on the strategic, tactical and operational level. An overall approach to the tasks involved in manufacturing is adopted and special emphasis is given to the integration between products, processes and management systems and to the combination of technological issues with economical, environmental, managerial, organizational and marketing considerations. --> Students life and projects Students life and projects frames

    GBB and NetGBB Application Stories - Images/Links: 4, 8 - Canadian Space Agency -- RADARSAT mission control system U.S. Army -- Logistics planning Ford -- Design engineering Last updated May 20, 1996 Copyright 1996 Blackboard Technology Group, Inc.

    Georgia Tech's Logistics Engineering Center - Images/Links: 10, 22 - The Logistics Institute The Logistics Institute Georgia Institute of Technology Please sign our guestbook before you go. Let us know what you think of our pages. If you have any problems with our pages, please send e-mail to

    HEPLIB, Stanford - Images/Links: 0, 5 - The first HEPLIB user's meeting was held at the SSC Laboratory, Dallas, Texas, September 19-20, 1991. Fifty-four scientists from thirty-one High Energy Physics research institutes and universities met for two full days to discuss the support and environments of High Energy Physics computing and to form and define the scope of a HEPLIB Users Group. There was a general consensus for the following objectives: HEPLIB should be world users group for enhancements, communications, and distribution of software in the HEP computing environments. HEPLIB will collect, maintain, document, and distribute shareable application software for HEP computing as well as non-HEP applications, including code management systems in heterogeneous environments, data base systems, and automatic installation and test procedures. HEPLIB should promote and recommend industry, as well as HEP computing standards as appropriate, including operating systems, distributed computing environments, quality assurance, version control, and information exchange. A steering committee was formed to plan subgroups, initiate exchange and communication, plan logistics, arrange for meetings, begin planning for a HEPLIB Newsletter, and look into questions of manpower and funding for the HEPLIB Users Group.

    Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Group - Images/Links: 8, 14 - Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Group WATMIMS Research Group Home Page The University of Waterloo Management of Integrated Manufacturing Systems Research Group Some users on this system have their own home pages. What is Watmims Activities Affiliated Members Publications For further information on the WATMIMS Research Group, please contact  ,  the director, Dr. James Bookbinder, at 519-888-4013, or 519-888-4519, FAX: 519-746-7383.

    LOCOMOTIVE - 8615 - Images/Links: 6, 14 - Logistics Chain Multidimensional Design Toolbox with Environmental Assessment Keywords logistics chain design Start Date: To be announced / Duration: 36 months [ contact / participants ] The objective of the project is to develop, implement and market a unique modular software system for multidimensional logistics chain design that takes into account the new logistics design needs of European enterprises. The value of the system for prospective customers is to increase the competitiveness of pan-European manufacturers and their marketing channels through integrating objectives such as eco-awareness, customer service and interactive management into the logistic design process. Another objective is to expand the design perspective from functional (or company-related suboptimisation) to overall logistics business performance indicators.

    Logistics Management Institute (LMI) - Images/Links: 2, 17 - Welcome to the Logistics Management Institute Welcome Organization Capabilities Features Library Mission Structure Project Reports Map Phonebook Archive Links Off-Site The Logistics Management Institute provides senior national security and other government officials with advice across the spectrum of logistics and acquisition issues. As a nonprofit organization, the Institute is committed to excellence in giving practical, innovative, and objective counsel, free of commercial or political interest. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

    Michael Trick's Operations Research Page - Images/Links: 4, 21 - Michael Trick's Operations Research Page Michael Trick's Operations Research Page Associate Professor of Industrial Administration, Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. This is a page for pointers to all aspects of operations research. If you are working in Operations Research and have a www, gopher, or ftp site, or know of sites useful for Operations Research, please tell me! Also, let me know if you find this site useful!

    Military Sciences and Defense, Fedworld - Images/Links: 0, 36 - Major topics of this site include: doing business with the DoD, electronic commerce, acquisition reform (including milspec and standard reform), environmental issues, and advanced technology briefs from our Space and Ballistic Missile Defense offices. Advanced Information Technology Current research aimed at developing and implementing cutting edge hardware and software solutions for Navy problems. Advanced Research Projects Agency Provides selected information about the activities and programs of the Advanced Research Projects Agency(ARPA). This World Wide Web home page is your gateway to information about the U.S. Air Force's Air Intelligence Agency, a Field Operating Agency headquartered at Kelly Air Force Base in San Antonio, Texas. Armament Research Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), Picatinny Arsenal, NJ Access to staff directories, ARDEC information sources and remote non-technical information. Army Research Laboratory Allow scientist from government, academia, and industry to discover information about current Army research.

    NAFTAnet Home Page - Images/Links: 51, 44 - NAFTA Register NNCS CLIENTS Professional Engineers Home Care Dolores Bonded

    National Information Center for Reliability Engineering - Images/Links: 16, 15 - INFORMATION CENTER NATIONAL INFORMATION CENTER FOR RELIABILITY ENGINEERING Center for Reliability Engineering IEEE Reliability Society University of Maryland at College Park College Park, MD 20742-2115, USA (301)405-5209 Fax. Henry D. Wolf

    Overview of JTF-ATD - Images/Links: 4, 10 - The JTF-ATD Architecture for Agile, Mobile, Collaborative Crisis Response: A Case Study in Architecture-Driven Development Frederick Hayes-Roth Teknowledge Federal Systems March 15, 1995 This paper has been produced for and with the support of Naval Command, Control & Ocean Surveillance Center (NCCOSC) Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Division (NRaD), and Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA). The initial version of the JTFAS (April 13, 1994), co-authored with me by Lee Erman, was produced by TFS with and for SAIC COMSYSTEMS, contract 20-940011-70, under SAIC's NRaD/ARPA contract 1805, task 2. Subsequent versions are being produced by TFS under SAIC's NRaD/ARPA contract 20-950020-70, under SAIC's NRaD/ARPA contract N67786-94-C-6912, task 3. The author can be reached at (415)424-0500 or email: Several offices within ARPA, supporting the Joint Task Force Advanced Technology Demonstration, have adopted a common technology strategy for developing and rapidly deploying advanced planning and information sharing capabilities to US and coalition forces.

    Proposal Center Homepage - Images/Links: 4, 9 - Carl Dickson's Proposal Center I'm Carl Dickson and this is the URL for the Proposal Center Home Page. It's moving and changing it's name to Government Solutions. I will be done moving all of the good stuff over to soon, and this will become my personal web page with little more than my resume on it. Please click on the link to Government Solutions and change your bookmarks to point directly there. My Current Projects My resume Proposal information and bookmarks that I have collected Information about PROPOSAL-L, the Internet mailing list for proposal development that I created and moderates

    RAND Corporation - Images/Links: 1, 7 - If you have comments or questions about this server, For general questions about RAND, contact For employment inquiries, please contact our You can do keyword searches on the information on this server using this form, or search RAND abstracts using this form. If you are not loading images, use this index.

    Reliability Research, National Information Center for Reliability Engineering - Images/Links: 0, 4 - Reliability Research Reliability Research Functional Modeling Functional Modeling is an approach used to model any man-made system by identifying the designer defined overall goal it must achieve and the designer/user defined functions it must perform. It applies classical modeling methods in a systematic way. CALCE EPRC The CALCE Electronic Packaging Research Center at the University of Maryland has an extensive program of research focussed upon various aspects of the Physics of Failure of electronic packaging and the development of approaches to the Design for Reliability. CMCM The Center for Machine Condition Monitoring (CMCM) at Monash University, Melbourne, Australia, focuses on the research, training and cooperation with industry in the field of Machine Condition Monitoring, one of the important aspect of Reliability and Maintainability.

    Singapore Technologies, What's New - Images/Links: 2, 48 - ST's Pidemco with Habitat add to St Martin's Drive landmark. ST's CyberMart offers entertaining retail with the introduction of internet auction. ST Automotive Inspection provides more services. Motorcycle inspection service at STA inspection's Ayer Rajah branch. STA inspection appointed as approved training centre by ITE. Pidemco secures freehold Upper Serangoon site for $56m. STIC to buy out S'pore Food partners.

    Southampton - Transportation Research Group - Home Page - Images/Links: 5, 2 - Southampton - Transportation Research Group - Home Page Please select the browser you are currently using:

    Systems Engineering Design Laboratory - Images/Links: 2, 8 - Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Welcome to the World Wide Web home page for the Systems Engineering Graduate Program in the Virginia Tech College of Engineering. Graduate Program Facts and Figures Participating Faculty Systems Engineering Design Laboratory Graduate Research Assistants National and International Affiliations

    Tools for Logistics Problem Solving - Images/Links: 13, 7 - The Tools for Logistics Prolem Solving Web Pages are just a small part of the: which we encourage you to visit. Please select from the following list: Who We Are.

    Transport Policy and Logistic Organization, Delft University of Technology, SEPA, NL - Images/Links: 2, 35 - Research in progress at TLO People working at TLO How reach us Other transportation resources Online publications The main interest of the group of Transport policy and Logistic Organization (TLO) is to study and teach the possibilities and effectiveness of various policies on mitigating the disadvantages of the strong growth in both the fields of (interorganizational) transport of goods and (public and private) transport of individuals. Insights in the effectiveness of policy measures challenges us to a better design and evaluation of alternative approaches. The support of these design, evaluation and implementation processes requires the application of concepts and methodologies from the fields of systems engineering, policy analysis and socio-economics. The inaugural speech (in Dutch) Professor Van der Heijden gave accepting his professorate at SEPA, gives a wider view on the interest field of the TLO-group. The group has strong links with the TRAIL Research School.

    Transportation Research, Technical University of Budapest - Images/Links: 9, 1 - Transportation Research The staff members and researchers at the Faculty of Transportation Engineering have taken part in several successful and internationally acclaimed projects, namely in the themes of vibration analysis and synthesis of vehicles the analysis of the vehicles deformed states operations research automation of traffic control high power density surface treatment At the Departments of the Faculty, several individual vehicles were designed.

    UTK Research - Images/Links: 34, 29 - UTK Research   Research Research Offices and Councils   General UTK Office of Research Office of Academic & Research Services Research Council   Specialized Business and Economic Research, Center Children's Mental Health Services Research Center Computer Vision and Robotics Research Lab Educational Science, Mathematics, Research and Technology Unit (EdSMRT) Social Science Research Institute Publications   Research Good News   Teaching & Research: Partners in Learning   UTK Research Bulletin Reports & Awards   Sponsored Programs Report 1995   OR Research Incentive Funds Tools for Researchers   Funding Opportunities System   Current Awareness System   Current Contents   Federal Register/CBD UTK Research Centers   UTK Research Centers

    VTT Electronics, Finland - Images/Links: 18, 19 - VTT Electronics is one of the nine research institutes of VTT, the Technical Research Centre of Finland. VTT Electronics is a highly specialized R&D unit. We offer our services to all manufacturers of products containing electronic parts. Our services are made use of by the electronics, telecommunications, process automation, mechanical engineering, and instrumentation industries. We pride ourselves on being able to respond to client demands for a reliable, flexible, long-term full service strategic partner. R&D Work

    WWW Hub for the IIT Research Institute - Images/Links: 1, 13 - IIT Research Institute - IITRI - Excellence in Science & Technology Click on one of the topics above, or use the text links below: Headquartered in Chicago, IIT Research Institute is one of the nation's largest independent, not-for-profit contract research organizations. Specializing in the application of modern technology to real-world problems, IITRI has provided R&ampD support to government and industry since 1936. IITRI Groups & Capabilities: Advanced Technology Group Using INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to develop new business procedures, evaluating industrial materials and processes through MANUFACTURING AND ASSURANCE TECHNOLOGY, and providing ACQUISITION SUPPORT to help modernize the nation's tax system. Applied Sciences Group Developing techniques that eliminate ENVIRONMENTAL pollutants, working to reduce a variety of HEALTH hazards including AIDS, and exploring better ENERGY recovery methods for existing fuel sources.

    York Traffic Web - Images/Links: 1, 6 - York Traffic Web York Traffic Web This is the World Wide Web site for The York Network Control Group. This group has evolved over the last few years in response to the need to design and assess new ways of reducing urban traffic congestion and improving the urban environment using traffic signal control, traffic management, road pricing and route guidance. We have developed tools which should be of use both to academic groups in this area of study and to the "real world" traffic control engineer. The group is very interested in collaborative work with anyone involved in these fields and also those involved in traffic control at the planning stage in local government.

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