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    Acquisition Logistics Engineering (ALE) - Images/Links: 2, 32 - Leaders in the Development of Performance Based Supportability ALE Specialties Reliability & Maintainability Analysis Logistic Support Analysis Value Analysis Safety Analysis Performance Based Supportability Training/Workshops ALE Paper Topics A Systems Engineering Approach to the Development of Medical Products - Steve C. Rogers Application of Logistics Engineering to Commercial Products - Charles O. Coogan Application of System Safety Engineering in a Concurrent Engineering Environment - Steve C. Rogers Front-End Analysis in a Concurret Engineering Environment - Charles O. Coogan Front-End Environmental Analysis - Charles O. Coogan Performance Based Supportability -DRAFT - Charles O. Coogan Re-Engineering Supportability - A New View of an Old Problem - Charles O. Coogan The Need for Vendor Access to Field Data - Thomas L. Wible ALE Provides Training Workshops

    Acquisition Systems Management Home Page - Images/Links: 4, 8 - Updated 25 Nov 96 [Who we are] - [What we do] - [Our products] - [Our customers] - [FAQs] This site was created and developed by Al Thomas. Comments and constructive criticism are welcome at

    ACQWeb - Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology (USDA&T) - Images/Links: 7, 40 - [ Navigator ] - [ Index ] - [ Search Bot ] - [ Utilities ] - [ What's New ] [ Feedback ] - [ Jump Points ] - [ USD(A&T) Documents ] Put simply, we're the part of the United States' Department of Defense that handles acquisition & technology. If the DoD buys or sells anything, we're involved. We're also involved with developing advanced technology, as well as assessing impacts the DoD has on the environment and the civilian world. It's a pretty big organization -- and it's responsible for a great number of projects and issues.

    Air Force Logistics, DCS Logistics Homepage - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Alfa Laval Automation - Images/Links: 6, 34 - You have reached the homepage of Alfa Laval Automation develops, produces and markets automation equipment and solutions for industrial and public purposes. The product range spans from controllers and PLCs to advanced, combined operator and control systems. Now you can get technical support via our support form. Argentina Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Canada Czech Republic Denmark Finland Germany Hungary India Ireland Italy Lithuania Netherlands Norway Poland Portugal Russia Singapore Slovak Republic South Africa Spain Sweden Switzerland United Kingdom USA Updated: 22-nov-96 / Dag Eiderbrant

    Amberly Logistics Workroom Home Page - Images/Links: 1, 135 - Work is in progress, but feel free to explore. The URL for this page is - http://www.geocities/Heartland/1347/amlog.html This page hosted by Get your own Free Home Page Last updated (Date Format: (PDT mm/dd/yy): 12:55PM 10/4/96) Return to Amberly's Entrance Hall. Resources listed here in Amberly's Logistics Workroom include: Government Interfaces/ International Standards; CALS; includes EDI Maintenance Planning and Support Equipment;

    American Production and Inventory Control Society (APICS) - Images/Links: 2, 11 - APICS is the Educational Society for Resource Management, a 70,000-member worldwide not-for-profit professional society, headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia, USA. When you join APICS, you enter into a large network of active and innovative professionals who are motivated to improve organization performance and global prosperity via design and distribution of high-quality education and certification opportunities. You can think of the "PI" in APICS as "Performance Improvement," for this is the common theme running throughout its dynamic and multi-faceted membership. The membership's composition spans most countries of the world, all functional and professional roles, all levels of organizational hierarchy, and all industries. "All industries" means APICS members populate all manner of organizations, including those which directly or indirectly influence manufacturing, services, not-for-profit, military, government, educational, and area/zone/region/country performance and development. APICS Official Web Page

    Armstrong Laboratory, Logistics Research Division - Images/Links: 5, 5 - Logistics Research Division Logistics Research Division Armstrong Laboratory - Logistics Research Division (Air Force Materiel Command) OL-AL/HRG Bertram W. Cream Defense Switched Network (DSN) 785-3713, (513) 255-3713

    Army Acquisition Logistics - Images/Links: 4, 275 - The Army HomePage Subject Area Index The Army HomePage Subject Area Index Army and Air Force Exchange Service Absentee Ballot Xballot (Absentee Ballots) Texas Military Academy U. S. Army Sergeants Major Academy U. S. Army Signal Regimental Noncommissioned Officer Academy U. S. Military Academy U.S. Army Medical Department NCO Academy

    British International Freight Association (BIFA) - Images/Links: 17, 15 - Welcome to the British International Freight Association BIFA information is now available on this electronic network. The following pages will inform you of BIFA's unique position in the freight industry and of the opportunities it can therefore offer you As you page through, you will become aware that BIFA is synonymous for information - the lifeblood of the industry. BIFA members have the competitive advantage of knowledge and information to keep them dynamic and profitable The Director General of BIFA New information is continuously added and history is available.

    Caps Logistics Home Page - Images/Links: 6, 10 - The CAPS LOGISTICS TOOLKIT® is the most comprehensive decision support software package ever created for logistics and Lower distribution costs by as much as 8% to 25%. The TOOLKIT combines over 325 different management tools with a powerful macro language to address your logistics issues including: Links to CAPS LOGISTICS' Clients Employment Opportunities If you would like us to send you more marketing literature,

    Cargoweb WWW Home Page - Images/Links: 33, 43 - Cargoweb aims to be your one-stop-shop for logistic solutions. Cargoweb is free-of-charge and is updated continously. Faster connections could be made through Cargoweb USA or Cargoweb Asia. Your Dutch Link to Logistic News French airlines and railroads also on strike Today and tomorrow, the transport strikes in France will spread to the airlines and the railroads. Business Partners All The Cargoweb Members Special Business Partners IDS bv

    CAST Home Page, Mississippi State - Images/Links: 21, 21 - MSU CAST CAST evolved from the Institute for Naval Oceanography's (INO) Experimental Center for Mesoscale Ocean Prediction (ECMOP). The ECMOP was one of two major projects of INO that began in 1987. CAST began operation under the auspices of Mississippi State University as one of its eleven academic research centers on 1 October 1992. The CAST emphasis is on application of numerical ocean models and modeling techniques toward realistic simulation of ocean conditions, particularly the physical and dynamic state of coastal waters and semi-enclosed seas. The research effort is collaborative with the Navy, Army, private industry and other university projects in ocean and atmospheric modeling, simulation, and analysis.

    Check Transportation Management and Logistics Inc. - Images/Links: 12, 8 - Our Web Counter says you are visitor Please Come Back and Check out Constant Additions to CHECK MATES and NEWS & VIEWS This page and contents revised by S.G. Nyuli - October 18th, 1996 © Copyright 1995, 1996, -

    Circle International, Inc. - Images/Links: 11, 12

    ClearFreight - Images/Links: 16, 24 - CUSTOMS BROKER AIR - OCEAN FORWARDER DRAWBACK SPECIALIST CLEARLY TO YOUR ADVANTAGE updated on 27 Nov 96 Take a look at our new Japanese Government Resources. We have searched out all of the links important to trade and transport. Our News Service has an important message from ClearFreight's President to our clients concerning the recent rise in jet fuel costs and its effects on our industry. Who We Are Trade Resource Center

    Con-Way Transportation Services - Images/Links: 1, 3 - Con-Way Transportation Services Home Page Welcome to Con-Way's Cyberspace Service Center. Pick Welcome to get started, or pick any topic area and press "Go! Track A Shipment What's New Welcome Customer Center Press Club Careers Con-Way Central Express (CCX) Con-Way Southern Express (CSE) Con-Way Western Express (CWX) Con-Way Truckload Services (CWT) Special Marketing Promotions Technology Resources from CTS Superior Service Lanes E-mail us at or call (415) 854-7500 in the U.S. Con-Way's logos, trademarks and company names may not be used without prior permission.

    Council of Logistics Management (CLM), Rocky Mountain - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Council of Logistics Management, National Home Page - Images/Links: 13, 20 - The professional organization for individuals who have an interest in logistics management. The council had some problems with their e-mail system between November 4 - November 8. If you sent any e-mail during this time we didn't get it and would ask if you would kindly resubmit it. We are sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. Well, we documented the process and put it on-line. Did you have to miss this year’s Annual Conference?

    Counterpoint Publishing, State Environmental Regulations - Images/Links: 52, 51 - Please report bugs using this icon, or send mail to

    Cranfield University, Centre for Logistics and Transportation - Images/Links: 6, 14 - CONTENTS Introduction Full-time MSc Programme in Logistics and Transportation Academic, Research, and Support Staff Job Information Sources Links to Logistics and Transport Information Sources Links to other Management and Business Schools Request for Further MSc Course Information and an Application Form Request for an MSc Student CV Brochure Research Projects INTRODUCTION The Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Transportation was established to provide an international focal point for advanced teaching and research in the field of logistics and transportation. The mission of the centre is two fold: first, to develop an understanding of opportunities for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of systems for managing the movement of materials, products, and people; and second, to foster skills which enable the exploitation of these opportunities. A key feature of the work of the Centre for Logistics and Transportation is its increasingly global scope. Much of its work has an international dimension, and this is reflected in its established links with leading centres in North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific. For over twenty years Cranfield University has had a major involvement in the development of knowledge in logistics and transportation.

    Data Interchange Standards Association (DISA) - Images/Links: 3, 29 - ASC X12 - Accredited Standards Committee X12 Message from the Chair What is ASC X12? Members and Membership Info Minutes Finder Select a Subcommittee or Task Group Steering Committee --> Education Administration (X12A) Communication/Controls (X12C) Product Data (X12E) Finance (X12F) Government (X12G) Materiel Management (X12H) Transportation (X12I) Technical Assessment (X12J) Purchasing (X12K) Industry Transition (X12L) Distribution and Warehousing (X12M) Insurance (X12N) Liaison Task Group (LTG) --> Delegate Liaison Task Group (DLTG) Alignment Task Group (ATG) Publications Catalog X12 Workbook Signup X12 Workbook List Serves October X12 Trimester --> Helsinki JRT (9/96) --> WANTED: Membership Testimonials--> New Member Orientation EDI Reference Desk

    Defense Logistics Services Center (DLSC) Home Page - Images/Links: 2, 8 - Customer Service Products & Services What's New Welcome to DLSC Map Related Web Sites Look for the new CAGE Information server coming December 2, 1996. DLSC is your only official web source for CAGE Information! Questions / Comments; The DLSC Web site is provided as a service to the Department of Defense and its customers. Use of this system constitutes a consent to monitoring at all times. Some areas may require the use of a userid/password.

    Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service (DRMS) Home Page - Images/Links: 5, 11 - Unused Surplus Equipment, Used Equipment All Shapes and sizes. Trucks, Trailers, Test Equipment and much more! Marine Equipment, Rescue Equipment, Electronics, Household Items, Plumbing and much more! Shortcut to frequently accessed Government Web Pages. Shortcut to frequently accessed Public Sales Web Pages. Special Sales with Photos Special Sales Area Check out Public Affairs News Releases and More page!

    Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) - Images/Links: 29, 31 - Defense Technical Information Center DTIC's Administrator, Kurt Molholm, and Deputy Administrator, R. Paul Ryan, welcome you to the Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) Home Page. DTIC serves as a vital link in providing defense-related information to U.S. Government agencies and their contractors. If your browser is not configured for audio, here is a (text) version. This is a U.S. Government Computer System, read this warning.

    Delft University of Technology, Group of Transport Policy and Logistic Organisation, Research, Netherlands - Images/Links: 2, 35 - Research in progress at TLO People working at TLO How reach us Other transportation resources Online publications The main interest of the group of Transport policy and Logistic Organization (TLO) is to study and teach the possibilities and effectiveness of various policies on mitigating the disadvantages of the strong growth in both the fields of (interorganizational) transport of goods and (public and private) transport of individuals. Insights in the effectiveness of policy measures challenges us to a better design and evaluation of alternative approaches. The support of these design, evaluation and implementation processes requires the application of concepts and methodologies from the fields of systems engineering, policy analysis and socio-economics. The inaugural speech (in Dutch) Professor Van der Heijden gave accepting his professorate at SEPA, gives a wider view on the interest field of the TLO-group. The group has strong links with the TRAIL Research School.

    DHL Worldwide Express Home Page - Images/Links: 8, 13 - DHL Worldwide Express Home Page [ Package Tracking ] [ DHL Information ] [ Customer Service ] [ DHL News ] [ Your Comments ]

    DoD Information Analysis Centers (IACs) Directory - Images/Links: 4, 73 - DoD Information Analysis Centers Directory DoD Information Analysis Centers (IACs) Directory Approved for Public Release; Distribution is Unlimited This directory of Department of Defense (DoD) Information Analysis Centers (IACs) is presented as a reference tool for researchers, program managers, and others interested in using existing information to: identify appropriate sources of valuable scientific and technical information, seek specific responses to questions requiring knowledge and experience in specialized areas of technology, check background data and information to avoid unnecessary duplication of research, development, test, or evaluation activities, obtain customized information products and services, develop broad awareness of the capabilities, products, and services offered by the 23 IACs supported by DoD. DoD IACs provide information to users which allows them to: benefit from experiences of counterparts in comparable fields of endeavor, increase productivity and quality of research. For your convenience, IAC profiles in this directory are arranged alphabetically by their acronyms within 2 groupings: OSD chartered IACs and Service/DoD Sponsored Information Centers.

    Drexel Logistics - Images/Links: 13, 8 - Transportation Consultants and Project Managers provides transportation consulting and support services to the manufacturing industries, insurance and reinsurance sectors, and transportation entities of all types. Cost and risk containment are provided to the client. The outsourcing of any specific project involved assures the client of attentive control even though the client may find that impossible to accomplish in house. as forged strategic relationships with motor carriers, railroads, forwarders, steamship lines and warehousemen. Your Company can utilize these relationships while concentrating on your Corporate core capabilities.

    Electronic Commerce World Institute - Images/Links: 9, 12 - Electronic Commerce World Institute Welcome to the EC World Institute Global Reference Site The Beginner's Corner / We value your Feedback Copyright © Electronic Commerce World Institute Site updated November 27, 1996

    EnviroWeb, EnviroLink Network - Images/Links: 5, 3 - EnviroLink is a non-profit organization. a grassroots online community that unites hundreds of organizations and volunteers around the world with millions of people in over 130 countries. All of us at EnviroLink are dedicated to providing you with the most comprehensive, up-to-date environmental resources available. To make our site easier and faster to use, Copyright © 1996, The EnviroLink Network, All Rights Reserved.

    Eurotruck Home Page - Images/Links: 6, 33 - Freight Information Service About Eurofreight Eurofreight Newsletter Business Opportunities Recent Additions Company Directory Contact Eurofreight Trade Password Application Please ensure you are using a recent browser News Net. Training Directory Official Bodies Business Information. On - Line Routing System Freight Forwarders Job Centre International Couriers Country Specific Information Air Freight + Airports World Service Ports and Shipping Services Freight Publications Rail Information Track and Trace Multimodal Information Internet Information DISCLAIMER - ALL TRADEMARKS AND COPYRIGHTS DISPLAYED ARE RECOGNISED EUROFREIGHT © 1996

    Federal Express Home Page - Images/Links: 8, 13 - DROPOFF LOCATOR Your Comments and Suggestions Welcomed!

    FedEx Learning Lab - Images/Links: 3, 2

    FedWorld Information Network - Images/Links: 15, 46 - FedWorld Information Network Home Page FedWorld Information Network File, Jobs and Web Databases Updated Daily Search the FedWorld Web site with one or two keywords: What is the NTIS/FedWorld Information Network? The Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1996 (116th edition) is now available from NTIS.

    FreightWorld - Images/Links: 7, 42 - Package Express Industry News: [Airline] [Intermodal] [Logistics] [Maritime] [Movers] [Ports] [Railroad] [Trucking] [ What's New ] [ Add A URL ] [ Advertise ] [ Statistics ] [ Send E-mail ] [ Guest Book ] Acknowledgements, Alliances, Awards

    FreightWorld - What's New ! - Images/Links: 7, 143 - FreightWorld - What's New ! November 27, 1996 Greomar, S.L. L.B. Foster Company Natvar Parikh Industries Ltd. November 26, 1996 The A.W. Fenton Company Gulf Freight Line Kane is able, Inc. Sea Express Lines, Inc. Show Time Express Trans Ocean Ltd. World Aviation Logistics Yukong Line Limited - YKL November 25, 1996 Bright NationaLease Crown Equipment Corporation Eastport Distribution Intermec Corporation Johnstown America Corporation Komatsu Ltd. Leicht Corporation Mark VII, Inc. (Succasunna) NationaLease Nissan Forklift Dale H. Simonsen Terex Corporation November 22, 1996 Arrow Air Cargo November 21, 1996 Neptune Orient Lines November 20, 1996 Custom Carrier Inc. Eilat Overseas International Fleet Management Consultants, Inc.

    Geometric Solutions Home Page, Strategic Logistical Information Control System (SLIC) - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Georgia Tech's Logistics Engineering Center - Images/Links: 10, 22 - The Logistics Institute The Logistics Institute Georgia Institute of Technology Please sign our guestbook before you go. Let us know what you think of our pages. If you have any problems with our pages, please send e-mail to

    Government Industry Data Exchange Program (GIDEP) Home Page - Images/Links: 2, 12 - This U.S. Government system is subject to monitoring If you have any questions, please call us! data types |

    Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management - Images/Links: 5, 22 - --> The Graduate School of Logistics and Acquisition Management is the graduate school of management for the Air Force. Its mission is to educate officers and Department of Defense civilians in the quantitative and qualitative aspects of management. The school offers ten master of science degree programs focused on cost analysis, logistics management, acquisition logistics management, supply management, transportation management, maintenance management, systems management, contracting management, software systems management and information resource management. Jan P. Muczyk All About AFIT/LA Graduate Programs Offered Acquisition Logistics Management Program (GAL) Cost Analysis Program (GCA) Contracting Management Program (GCM) Supply Management Program (GIM) Logistics Management Program (GLM) Systems Management Program (GSM) Software Systems Program (GSS) Transportation Management Program (GTM) Information Resource Management Program (IRM) Departments LA - Office of the Dean LAA - Administrative Support Office LAC - Assistant Dean for Research and Consulting LAL - Department of Graduate Logistics Management LAP - Assistant Dean for Academic Programs LAS - Department of Graduate Acquisition Management Students Class of 1996 Student Projects Research Projects and Information Creation Date: 25 Apr 1995 Last Modification Date: 19 Aug 1996

    HQ AFMC World Wide Web Server - Images/Links: 3, 19 - HQ AFMC World Wide Web Server Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command Mission Element Boards Programs, Projects & Bulletin Boards Organizations Publications & Forms Public Affairs & Speakers Bureau Search News, Weather & Announcements Internet Policy Other Web Servers AFMC Mission Comments Wright-Patterson AFB Information Webmaster's Corner This Government Computer System is provided as a public service by the Headquarters Air Force Materiel Command, Wright-Patterson AFB. It is intended to be used by the public for viewing and retrieving information only. Unauthorized attempts to upload or change information on this service are strictly prohibited and may be punishable under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1986. Unless otherwise indicated all information on this system is considered public information and may be distributed or copied.

    Information Software, Inc. - Images/Links: 2, 21 - Home Page Prophesy Mileage Trucking Systems Logistics Systems Request Literature Special Features Other Sites Announcing TaxTally Fuel Tax Software for Windows! TaxTally Fuel and Road Tax Software LogPlus Log Audit Software LoadExpress - Load planning and optimization for Windows Prophesy CS Controlled Substance Audit Software

    INFORMS - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Inland River Logistics, Inc. Home Page - Images/Links: 1, 7 - Quality is not an option. Services and Pricing Employee Contacts Survey Demo Periodicals and Publications You can reach IRL by e-mail at: You are visitor number 606 since February 25, 1996.

    Institute of Transport Studies, University of Sydney - Images/Links: 4, 23 - Institute of Transport Studies INSTITUTE OF TRANSPORT STUDIES The Australian Key Centre in Transport Management The Graduate School of Business C37, The University of Sydney, NSW 2006, Australia Phone: +61 2 9351 0071 - Fax: +61 2 9351 0088 E-Mail: NEW: Added November 1996: The First Transport for the Olympics Forum a Success; Future Forums Planned  Competition Policy and Efficiency in the Maritime Sector: The Issues (Executive Development Seminar, Thursday 12 December 1996) Position Availability - Freight / Logisitics specialist (for July 1997) Upcoming ITS Courses (1997) Introduction People Staff Members PhD Students Positions Vacant 5th November 96 - Logistics / Freight Specialist required Education Research Activities Internal Publications Press release 22 June 95 - ITS awarded Commonwealth Key Centre

    Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) - Images/Links: 14, 10 - Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE) on the Web Institute of Transportation Engineers This is the 42045th time that ITE on the Web has been accessed since 6/8/95 NOW AVAILABLE - The ITE 1996 Publications Catalog - ON THE WEB   NOW AVAILABLE - The ITE ITS Council Discussion Group - JOIN TODAY Action Alert! Request for Information on Pavement Markings at Railroad Grade Crossings - please submit by January 10, 1997 - see document for full details Action Alert! New Technical Committee on Bicycle Facilities - See document if interested in serving on the committee. Institute of Transportation Engineers 525 School St.

    Intelligent Transportation Society (ITS) America - Images/Links: 0, 0

    International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE) - Images/Links: 17, 18 - If you could not attend INCOSE '96, visit the INCOSE '97 web site for information about attending the next INCOSE symposium. See the '97 Call for Papers and Tutorial Proposals if you would like to consider submitting material. Final Message from Symposium Chair INCOSE '96 Symposium Program The International Council on Systems Engineering gratefully acknowledges the major contributions of the New England Chapter and the '96 Symposium Sponsors: We also wish to thank the following organizations for providing materials or expertise in planning the symposium: INCOSE 1996 Symposium Planning Committee INCOSE Corporate Advisory Board The Greater Boston Convention and Prgms) Copyright Unpublished 1996 by the International Council on Systems Engineering, New England Chapter.

    Internet Truckstop - Images/Links: 4, 26 - Showing the current hot spots for freight! Chat/Forum Services TRIAL SEARCHES | Last 15 Trucks Posted | A FULL Service account allows complete UNLIMITED access of the Internet Truckstop system for $25/mo (US) or CDN$35/mo. No Contracts, No Deposits, No transaction fees.

    Lile Logistics Services - Images/Links: 15, 15 - Lile Logistics Services Our Children Are Back To School - Drive Safely Transportation & Relocation Services Worldwide Lile Logistics Services Artline - Fine Art Transportation | Relocation Services Division

    Link Logistics Inc. Home Page - Images/Links: 12, 23 - LINK 97 for Windows 95 True 32Bit performance, enhanced features LINK FOR WINDOWS 4.0 Now available! Internet ready! NETLINK Link's powerful new online Internet product WEBLINK Advertise your Company on the NET CREDITLINK Dunn & Bradstreet Information Now Online and ready for Action. More INFORMATION about the company and its services Link Logistics NEWSLETTER Great Gifts for your REFERRALS Information on Link Logistics East (Eastern Canada Office) MEMBERS HOMEPAGES WEATHER AND ROAD CONDITIONS MILEAGE NEWS TRUCKING ORGANIZATIONS GOVERNMENT OTHER INTERESTING SITES Member of the Internet Link Exchange This page, and all contents, are Copyright (C) 1995 by Link Logistics Inc.

    Links to Logistics and Transport Information Sources - Images/Links: 1, 52 - Links to Logistics and Transport Information Sources Links to Logistics and Transport Information Sources To: Cranfield Centre for Logistics and Transportation Home Page. Your comments about any of the items on this list are welcome.

    Links to Logistics Information Providers - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Links to Shipping and Transport - Images/Links: 0, 29 - Transportation Resources Transportation (Engineering and Technology) Transportation Meta-indices Colin R. Leech's WWW Transportation Resources NSnet Home Page Railroads, Ship and Aircraft Homepage Sea Home Pages Internet Transport Connection External WWW sites related to transport research Seaports Information Page Centre for Logistics and Transportation Institute for Transport Studies home page Center for Global Trade Development Home Page Logistics Management Institute Apex Maritime Co. Eimskip Port Authorities Law related to Shipping & Transport Trade Law Home Page Legal Information Institute The WWW Virtual Library: Law UN Law of the Sea Convention (Table of Contents) Carriage of Goods Cargo Insurance Sale of Goods Applicable Law

    LOGcity - Images/Links: 5, 23 - LOGcity transportation, logistics, freight, cargo, shipping resources. Check out LOGcity highlighted in this months Air Cargo World, Airport Press, Journal of Commerce and TrafficWorld magazines. LOGcity Welcomes our newest members to the Internet! , Packair Airfreight, Excell Group, United Air Cargo and John-Jeffrey Corp.

    LogiSTAR - Images/Links: 4, 2

    Logistics - Images/Links: 4, 108 - This page is part of the Hoffmann Services Maritime Pages. It is reached from the Maritime Home Page. To return to the Maritime Home Page, see the bottom of this page. 2803 Butterfield Road, Oak Brook, IL 60521-1156, Ph: (708)574-0985 1995 Directory of Trade and Professional Organizations of Interest to Logistics Management Personnel Council of Logistics Management Publications Selected Books of use to Logistics Professionals TRANSPORTATION RESOURCES DIRECTORY; PRINCETON RETURN TO THE LINKS MENU PAGE ACADEMIC ORGANIZATIONS Cranfield University Centre for Logistics and Transportation Delft University of Technology: Transport Policy and Logistics Georgia Tech:TREC MHRC Logistics Group Business Logistics Internet Transport Connection Materials Handling Research Centre Logistics Group The University of Wisconsin-Madison's Management Institute GOVERNMENT ORGANIZATIONS Commission of the European Communities Inventory Study on the benefits of Electronic Data Interchange UNCTAD Multimodal Transport and Technological Development Section United States Department of Transportation United Nations Multimodal Transport Page The Transportation Page PRIVATE COMPANIES AND TRADE ASSOCIATIONS Viking Freight Air Foyle, an airline specialising in the carriage of heavy and outsize cargo of interest to the oil and gas industry and logistics professionals everywhere. Plimsoll Shipping Home Page Transport News.

    Logistics Hotspots - Images/Links: 10, 65 - The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Logistics 116 URLs, Abstracts current as of: 9/15/96 Acquisition Logistics Engineering (ALE) - Contents: ALE Specialties: Reliability & Maintainability Analysis, Logistic Support Analysis, Value Analysis, Safety Analysis; ALE Training Workshops: Complete Course Outlines, Content Summaries; ALE Paper Topics: A Systems Engineering Approach to the Development of Medical Products - Steve C. Rogers, Application of Logistics Engineering to Commercial Products - Charles O. Coogan, Application of System Safety Engineering in a Concurrent Engineering Environment - Steve C. Rogers, Front-End Analysis in a Concurret Engineering Environment - Charles O. Coogan, Front-End Environmental Analysis - Charles O. Coogan, Performance Based Supportability -DRAFT - Charles O. Coogan, Re-Engineering Supportability - A New View of an Old Problem - Charles O. Coogan, The Need for Vendor Access to Field Data - Thomas L. Wible; Company Overview: What does ALE do? ; Links to Other Engineering Sources, Links to the Web, Contact Information Acquisition Systems Management Home Page - Images/Links: 20, 37 - Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) Executive Secretary We invite you to take a look inside the Defense acquisition business. Download the new 5000 Series documents, approved March 15, 1996 DoD 5000 ASM's Function within OSD(A&ampT) Defense Acquisition Board (DAB) Schedule Major Defense Acquisition Programs (MDAP) List Policy for Funding Low Rate Initial Production Test Articles Procedures the Services should follow to ensure test article funding. Surf to the Program Manager's Bill of Rights and Responsibilities A look at the Inspector General's White Paper on Audits and Inspections Reengineering Audits . [DoD 5000 Documents] - [Mission & Function] - [DAB Schedule] - [MDAP List] - [PM Bill of Rights] Other Sites in Acquisition Program Integration ACQWeb - Undersecretary of Defense for Acquisition and Technology (USDA&T) - Images/Links: 7, 36 - [ Navigator ] - [ Index ] - [ Utilities ] - [ What's New ] - [ Feedback ] - [ Jump Points ] - [ USD Documents ] R. Noel Longuemare, advises the Secretary of Defense on all issues relating to the Department of Defense's Acquisition System.

    Logistics Management Institute (LMI) - Images/Links: 2, 17 - Welcome to the Logistics Management Institute Welcome Organization Capabilities Features Library Mission Structure Project Reports Map Phonebook Archive Links Off-Site The Logistics Management Institute provides senior national security and other government officials with advice across the spectrum of logistics and acquisition issues. As a nonprofit organization, the Institute is committed to excellence in giving practical, innovative, and objective counsel, free of commercial or political interest. Please let us know if you have any comments or suggestions.

    Loglink - Images/Links: 2, 14 - LOGLINK - Internet Logistics Services Logistics Search You are invited to Resource Center Loglink is the proud sponsor of the Loglink Services and Capabilities

    LogNet - Images/Links: 13, 15 - LOGNET - LOGISTICS ONLINE GUIDE NETWORK - Dedicated to the Transportation, Freight, Cargo and Shipping Industry - A team of professionals from the freight, communications and computer industry dedicated to making the transmission and retrieval of information accessible, efficient and affordable. Our mission is to integrate state of the art information management and communication with dedication and integrity for the transportation industry. By utilizing the World Wide Web, and the most sophisticated programming and database retrieval techniques, our goal is nothing short of bringing the freight industry into the next century. So you are contemplating putting your Transportation Related Company up on The Web? You are unsure of the first step to take.

    LOGPARS- The Logistics Planning and Requirements System - Images/Links: 0, 0

    LSC Scandinavia AB (part of LSC Group, UK) - Images/Links: 6, 13 - "The Prime Consultancy Firm when it comes to CALS" Our mission statement. premium quality service The LSC group | Last updated by Fredrik Boye on 96-10-01, 11:00 AM

    Maintenance and Repair Support System (MARSS), ARPA - Images/Links: 2, 2 - Maintenance and Repair Support System (MARSS) Maintenance and Repair Support System (MARSS) The Maintenance and Repair Support System (MARSS) program proposes a new approach to computer-aided maintenance by providing an advanced information system for hands-free maintenance, resulting in significantly reduced time to repair. The MARSS will incorporate many innovative technologies to increase the mobility and effectiveness of the maintenance soldier in and around the vehicle or weapon system, including an active matrix electroluminescent (AMEL) head mounted display (HMD) developed under the DARPA HMD program, voice-actuated software, an advanced microprocessor to support emerging multimedia electronic technical manuals, modular instrumentation and communication interfaces (PCMCIA), multiplexed wireless data and voice communications to support interactive team maintenance -- all linked together in a lightweight body-integral package that allows freedom of movement. A key feature of the MARSS system will be its ability to remotely query a weapon/vehicle's resident diagnostic system via a short range wireless MIL-STD 1553 bus interface to obtain failure data, thus speeding failure resolution and repair. The integrated vest-worn system will utilize a modular design for all system components to allow rapid modifications and upgrade to suit a wide range of applications.

    Makhdoom's World of Transport and Logistics - Images/Links: 22, 13 - The World Of Transport The World Of Logistics The World Of Maritime Transport Worldclass Land Transport Systems Freight Forwarding Practices Makhdoom's Pages On Ports Management Makhdoom's Powered Pleasure Craft Licence Course Air Transport Management International Safety Management (ISM) Code Please E-mail and give me your valuable feedback and suggestions at You may use My Mailing Form to contact me. The Voyage Towards Total Quality Requires Continuous Improvement. Therefore, My Page Is Under Constant Construction. The journey is long and turbulences are a plenty, I sincerely hope that you will excuse my errors, shortcomings and minor irritations.

    Managing Logistics - Images/Links: 0, 2 - Page moved. Click here and let us know. If you have previously bookmarked this page, you should update with its new location.

    Materials Handling Research Center Logistics Group, Georgia Tech - Images/Links: 27, 57 - Material Handling Research Center (Logistics group) This is the home page of the LOGISTICS group of Material Handling Research Center (MHRC). Research Projects Research Personnel Affiliated Centers AISLES CIMPEL LINEHAUL-BACKHAUL AISLES Aisles is a tool to help design material handling networks for aisle-based unit load systems. It requires as input the block layout and the loaded flows between departments. This research helps to determine the number and locations of pickup/deposit stations for each department and the location of the aisles to support the flows.

    NAPM - SV's LIBRARY of Silicon Valley - Images/Links: 22, 40 - Economic Forecast 1990(s) Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) | Purchasing Topics [ AUDIO & BOOKS ] Purchasing Topics [ VIDEOS ] | International Topics Inventory Mgt Topics | People Mgt - #2 Price/Cost Analysis | MUST BE A NAPM - SV MEMBER in order to participate. MAXIMUM PER REQUEST is any two (2) items via phone,

    National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) - Images/Links: 14, 29 - NAPM    P.O. Box 22160    Tempe, AZ 85285-2160    800-888-6276 The best way to continue checking out NAPM's Virtual Office is with a Frames capable browser, such as: If you do not have either of the above versions of Navigator or Internet Explorer, then please use the following table to navigate NAPM's Virtual Office. Program 1997 Conference - CAPS - Report on Business® - Publications - Members Only

    National Defense University (NDU) - Images/Links: 1, 18 - The University is located on the grounds of Fort Lesley J. McNair in Southwest Washington, DC between the Anacostia river and the Washington Channel. The mission of the National Defense University is to ensure excellence in professional military education and research in the essential elements of national security. Toward that goal the University is home to several colleges and institutions. LtGen Ervin Rokke, President of the National Defense University, offers his personal invitation to visit each of our organizations by clicking on the image above. If you are using a text-only browser or have images turned off, a text menu is provided below. We welcome your suggestions, questions and comments.

    National Information Center for Reliability Engineering - Images/Links: 16, 15 - INFORMATION CENTER NATIONAL INFORMATION CENTER FOR RELIABILITY ENGINEERING Center for Reliability Engineering IEEE Reliability Society University of Maryland at College Park College Park, MD 20742-2115, USA (301)405-5209 Fax. Henry D. Wolf

    National Technical Information Service (NTIS) - Images/Links: 10, 15 - National Technical Information Service (NTIS) National Technical Information Service The Statistical Abstract of the United States: 1996 (116th edition) is now available from NTIS. To order call (703) 487-4650 and quote order number PB96-965801KCQ for the soft cover edition, $30 plus handling fee. Order via the Internet: (To avoid sending your account number with each Internet order, call (703) 487-4682 to register your credit card at NTIS).

    Naval Logistics Home Page - Images/Links: 9, 25 - at the Leading Edge of Naval Logistics Engineering Provided by The Naval Sea Logistics Center For Information Call: Naval Sea Logistics Center This information resides on a DOD interest computer. Important conditions, restrictions, and disclaimers apply. Push to Pull Program Automated COSAL Improvement Program (ACIP) Page Readiness Based Sparing Home Page Provisioning, Allowance and Fitting Out Support (PAFOS) Manual Naval Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Policy Page Navy HM&E Standardization Home Page Master Acquisition Planning Program (MAPP) Supply Support for Non Developmental Item Policy Guide Ships' Open Architectural Retrieval System (OARS) Ships' Maintenance and Material Management (3-M) System Naval Logistics Training Catalog Download The Catalog as a MSWord Document Naval Sea Logistics Center Personnel Directory Naval Sea Logistics Center Detachment Pacific Home Page Naval Sea Logistics Center Organizational Chart Naval Sea Logistics Center Functions LOGQUEST - The Forum for Asking Your Logistics Questions Provisioning Center of Excellence

    Newspage, Individual Inc. - Images/Links: 38, 57 -       Fed should be more open on rate policy - economists    STUDY HIGHLIGHTS BELIEF IN EVENTUAL ROLE FOR ITV Service/advertising market expected to .     Talking Back to Bullies  Watch your site's traffic soar when you join the   Quick News Search:   Banking, Finance & Real Estate   Computer Professional Services

    Next Generation Logistics Inc. - Images/Links: 12, 12 - Our Company Has Helped Carriers, Shippers & Users Of Logistics Services Increase Customer Service & Save Money For Over 8 Years ! To Learn More About Our Company, Click On One Of The Following: Executive Overview Company Services Company Expertise Send Us Mail Logistics Links Judy & Paul Pultorak Wedding Pictures! Latest NGL News In Detail If you like the article below, there's more where that came from ! You can get your own copy of our newsletter, What's Next ! Click Here To Be Added To Our Mailing List

    Premenos' Electronic Commerce Resource Guide - Images/Links: 1, 8 - Partners in electronic data interchange (EDI) share common data transmission standards. These pages provide the standards, and also contain basic information about EDI. Discover the events, people, organizations, publications and other resources that exist to support EDI users. Premenos software is setting the electronic commerce agenda worldwide. These pages describe the company, its products, services and financial information. The latest updates and changes to the Premenos' Electronic Commerce Resource Guide, including how to hide or show frames.

    Professional Aviation Maintenance Association - Images/Links: 2, 2 - To conduct national, state and local meetings and seminars. To publish, distribute and disseminate news, technical bulletins, journals and other appropriate publications dealing with the trade of aviation maintenance. To collaborate with other organizations in aviation in the queries of governmental agencies pertaining to maintenance rules and guidelines. Membership requirements: All members shall be Embry-Riddle Students currently enrolled in an Aviation Maintenance Program who have paid their membership dues and all Embry-Riddle faculty, staff, and alumni who are interested in participation in the club activities. Associate members shall include any student currently enrolled at Embry-Riddle that has paid membership dues and shows interest in the club activities. PAMA® Membership Benefits Include:

    PROMODEL Corporation - Images/Links: 19, 17 - We provide problem-solving tools to companies in the manufacturing, service and healthcare industries. Check out our revolutionary product, ProcessModel, which can improve your processes dramatically! Click on the links below to find out how your business can benefit from our unique line of solutions.

    Quality, Engineering and Manufacturing Association (QEMA) - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Reliability Analysis Center (RAC) Home Page - Images/Links: 1, 1 - Reliability Analysis Center The Reliability Analysis Center has move to: Please make a note of it.

    Reliability Center, Inc. - Home Page - Images/Links: 11, 13 - ONE STOP RELIABILITY RESOURCE AND SERVICES Click Here For RCI 1997 Seminar Schedule This site is recommended to be viewed on Netscape. If you'd like the Netscape browser for 90 days free evaluation click Netscape. If you currently use Netscape, in order to view our new updates without having to clear your memory cache please use this workaround to perform a "Super Reload" (hold SHIFT KEY down while selecting RELOAD from the netscape VIEW MENU. Welcome to Reliability Center, Inc.

    Reliability Magazine - Images/Links: 28, 17 - RELIABILITY® magazine is the first trade journal dedicated specifically to Machinery Reliability, the Predictive Maintenance Industry, and Computerized Maintenance Management Systems. In every issue, we bring you articles on these important topics: Vibration Alignment Thermography Balancing Lubrication CMMS RCFA Maintenance Management Stragegies Training June Issue New Reliability Resources Books and (soon) Videotapes Get on the mailing list for the 1997 Machinery Reliability Conference, to be held April 20-23, at the Sheraton San Marcos Resort in Phoenix, Arizona. Information on the RELIABILITY® Desk Reference

    REM Associates - Images/Links: 1, 1 - REM Associates, Inc. REM Associates has moved here

    Road King On Ramp - Images/Links: 25, 22 - If Phil Carpenito had his way, every time he pulled out in his 18-wheeler from his home in Poughquag, N.Y., he'd be carrying an extra pair of wheels. They'd be attached to his 1995 Harley, the latest in a lifelong string of bikes that Phil, 47, has owned. His rig is uniquely equipped to handle a bike - Phil is leased to Horseless Carriage, a nationwide covered carrier of fine and rare vehicles. "The first bike I ever had I bought in 1971," recalls Phil. (continued) Ken and Rose Adams Make a Winning Pair as December's Trucker Buddies of the Month -- Ken and Rose Adams only planned to drive together for a year or so.

    Roadway Online Home Page - Images/Links: 7, 22 - Roadway Express Online : Main Copyright © 1996, Roadway Express, Inc. Credits ] Roadway Express, Inc. Find out how you can get one! Register in our GUESTBOOK today and you will be automatically entered into our quarterly drawing for a great Roadway Express Web Surfer's Mousepad or a Collector's Edition Truck. Who We Are |

    Royal Nedlloyd - Images/Links: 24, 22 - Nedlloyd expects modestly positive net results for the year Royal Nedlloyd Nedlloyd Flowmasters® History of Royal Nedlloyd European Transport & Distribution Worldwide Container Logistics Offshore Drilling Nedlloyd Lines Timetables About this site Ships visits Special Features What's new on the Nedlloyd Site Check out Nedscope Newsflashs' archive. This site is optimised for use with Netscape 1.1 (minimum)

    Ryder System, Inc. - Images/Links: 2, 7 - Our site is designed to provide timely information about our company and will evolve over the next few months adding additional interactive functionality. Safety Tip: Employment Opportunities |

    SIMA Research, Stanford - Images/Links: 6, 4 - SIMA Research SIMA Research Program SIMA Home Page Building 02-530, Room 225

    SINTEF - Images/Links: 0, 0

    Society of Logistics Engineers - Images/Links: 49, 57 - Society of Logistics Engineers Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE) Job Search Application Transportation Logistics Hot Topics Contact SOLE The Society of Logistics Engineers is a non-profit international professional society composed of individuals organized to enhance the art and science of logistics technology, education and management. The Society is not sponsored by any group, company or other association. Accessing this section will provide information on the following topics: Introduction to the Society of Logistics Engineers (SOLE) What the SOLE Logo Means Book Store: Contains the Publications List and Gift Sales Items Entertainment: Loggies need to have fun too!

    Stanford Integrated Manufacturing Association (SIMA) - Images/Links: 0, 1 - The SIMA web page has moved to Please update your bookmarks to reflect this change.

    Supportability Investment Decision Analysis Center (SIDAC) - Images/Links: 8, 17 - Battelle Dayton Operations is a satellite office of Battelle Memorial Institute (NOTE: Access restricted to authorized personnel. Who we are What we do Employment BDO Intranet Commercial & Industrial Technology Environment Health National Security Transportation Services Pacific Northwest National Laboratory Questions and comments should be directed to the BDO Webmaster

    The Electronic Shipping Guide on the Web - Images/Links: 4, 41 - Welcome to ESG, a database of container shipping schedules of over 60 carriers for voyages in and out of the U.S. and Canada, including import, export, connecting and feeder service. The ESG contains schedules obtained directly from carriers and is maintained and verified on a ongoing basis to ensure accuracy. North America to S. America & Caribbean Data for the following markets provided by Intra-Europe Southbound Specialized voyage searches for North American services: By Departure Port - By Arrival Port - By Carrier Now Available--World-Wide Schedules For ALL Carriers on the Web! NOW, FOR A LIMITED TIME, The ESG will publish non-North American schedules FREE OF CHARGE for ALL carriers.

    The GOAL/QPC World Wide Web Home Page - Images/Links: 8, 24 - The GOAL/QPC World Wide Web Home Page Have you seen it yet? GOAL/QPC Virtual Product Catalog It's a complete listing of the quality books, videos, and software, available through GOAL/QPC. Read all the latest news about the conference and put yourself on the mailing list for future announcements. Learn about the practices and results of the methodology used by the most successful leaders in business and industry today.

    The Maritime Homepage - Images/Links: 14, 24 - Resources for boaters, professional mariners, marine educators, marine spill response, oil exploration & transportation, and for those interested in the oceans. If your browser is capable of viewing gif animation you will see the tugboat move across the screen. MARINE EDUCATION TEXTBOOKS CATALOG Our catalog contains a huge selection of nautical books, technical books, professional books, USCG license preparation books, charts, nautical paraphenalia, computer disk training programs, videos, and cassette tapes. Items from our catalog can be ordered on-line. MARITIME EDUCATORS Two lists are maintained here: The name list is a directory of Maritime Academies, College and Vocational-Technical School Marine Programs, Coast Guard License Exam Prep, and Marine Tutorial Services; The MTS List is a directory of education and training programs in Oceanography and Related Fields. We are in the process of archiving past issues so that you can access them electronically.


    Tompkins Associates Home Page - Images/Links: 12, 31 - Tompkins Associates Home Page. Tompkins Associates Inc. The primary reason this lofty status has been attained is an early recognition and resultant crusade to educate the world that warehousing is a critical profession. To support the increasing demand our clients require, we specialize in the following areas: Strategic Master Planning An offensive tool to provide peak performance within the warehouse for a five year planning horizon. The design is a time phased action plan that maximizes the resources of space, equipment and labor. Value Added Design The design of facilities and systems to support the real time customization of generic product to meet customers' demands.

    Traffic Institute - Images/Links: 2, 1 - Northwestern University Traffic Institute Home Page Contact us at: 405 Church Street P.O. Box 1409 Evanston, IL 60204 Telephone: Tollfree: 1-800-323-4011 Fax: 847-491-5270 Toll: 847-491-5476 Last Update: 9/12/96 Please direct e-mail comments or inquiries about this web document to: Northwestern University Traffic Institute

    Transport News - Images/Links: 0, 0 - Transport News - Your Daily Guide to the Transportation Industry

    Transport Systems Consultants - Images/Links: 1, 2 - Please note that these pages make use of frames. We would recommend using a browser such as Netscape to view the pages.

    Transportation Index at Princeton University - Images/Links: 15, 27 - HIGHWAY, TRANSIT, AND RAIL SYSTEM INFORMATION Information about highway, transit and rail systems throughout the world. Includes timetables and schedules, fares, current traffic conditions, etc. Note: These pages do not contain much information about schedules and fares. COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Academic departments, programs, and centers of transportation research.

    Transportation Research Board (TRB) - Images/Links: 2, 1 - TRB Home Page Cross Reference TRB Home Page Cross Reference The Transportation Research Board's Home Page has moved to: Please wait a few seconds for transportation to that site.

    Transportation Research Group, Southampton University - Images/Links: 5, 2 - Southampton - Transportation Research Group - Home Page Please select the browser you are currently using:

    TransportWorld - The Official Site - Images/Links: 37, 22 - The Official - Internet Transport World Site TransportWorld - the internet's leading, most Extensive and Comprehensive site on Transportation of cargo and people via air, ship, rail, truck ect. Include services such as couriers, freight forwarders, technology, news, employment, publications and more. If your're not listed here. We drive to be the most complete Internet Leading Transportation Site for Industry and Clients to meet in one place. Whether you are an industry professional or a consumer, this site is an invaluable resource for your day to day personal or business information needs.

    Truckers/Transportation Homepage - Images/Links: 2, 34 - $5.00 per Mile - Loaded or Empty About Add a Site Blues Driver Alerts Diesel Price Watch Education Sites Equipment / Parts / Repairs Events Food Bank Goverment Sites Jobs Loads / Equipment Magazines & Newsletters Maps & Routing N.A.F.T.A. News Articles Other Tranportation Pages Phonebook Quote of the Day Resume's Road Conditions Roadkill Cafe Search Soft/Hard-ware Companies State Trucking Associations Support Companies Traffic Cameras Transportation Companies Transportation Groups Truck of the Month Truck Stops Weather Conditions Page last updated: 11/17/96 - - - - - -

    Trucks, Trains, Boats & Planes - Images/Links: 5, 115 - Trucks, Trains, Boats & Planes Trucks Trains Boats & Planes Nothing But Net (No Basketball, Just 'Net) Welcome to The Best Links For Work & Play Regular visitors with cache files: "Reload/Refresh" each page for latest changes. New links are constantly being added and everything is free.

    U.S. Department of Commerce - Images/Links: 2, 9 - U.S. Department Of Commerce Information Services via World Wide Web The official seal of the U.S. Department of Commerce; and the main entrance of the Herbert C. Hoover Building in Washington, D.C., headquarters of the U.S. Department of Commerce. Established on February 14, 1903, to promote American businesses and trade, the U.S. Department of Commerce is the most versatile agency in government. Its broad range of responsibilities include expanding U.S. exports, developing innovative technologies, gathering and disseminating statistical data, measuring economic growth, granting patents, promoting minority entrepreneurship, predicting the weather and monitoring stewardship. As diverse as Commerce's services are, there is an overarching mandate that unifies them: to work with the business community to foster economic growth and the creation of new American jobs. What's New -- an on-line calendar of significant Commerce happenings, including new reports, press releases, conference announcements and access to on-line data bases.

    U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) - Images/Links: 4, 11 - You should be able to find most information under "General Information" or under a specific administration's home page in "Browse The DOT Administrations". You can use the DOT Web site as a starting point to reach other DOT web sites and other Federal, State, and International government and transportation related sites. Our server is continually updated, so check in under "Whats New" to see what new sections we've added since your last visit. On Friday, November 22, 1996, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced a comprehensive strategy to improve air bag technology while minimizing the danger to children and at-risk adults. A press release details the steps announced Friday. Additional information on air bag issues can be obtained from the NHTSA web site at

    U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - Images/Links: 4, 6 - URL: This page last updated :

    U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) - Images/Links: 11, 15 - Quick Jump Contracting Opportunities at the FAA Advisory Circular Checklist Accident Investigation (AAI) Acquisitions (ASU) Air Traffic (AT) Air Traffic Services (ATS) Air Traffic System Requirements Service (ARS) Air Traffic Systems Development (AUA) Aircraft Certification Service (AIR) Office of the Associate Administrator for Airports (ARP) Airport Planning and Programming (APP) Airport Safety and Standards (AAS) Airway Facilities (AF) Airway Facilities Requirements Program (AFR) Aviation Flight Standards Service (AFS) Aviation Medicine (AAM) Aviation Policy and Plans (APO) Aviation Research (AAR) Business Information and Consultation (ABC) Civil Rights (ACR) Commercial Space Transportation (AST) Communications, Navigation, and Surveillance Systems (AND) Deployment Readiness Review (DRR) DOT/FAA Employee Services Environment and Energy (AEE) Independent Operational Test and Evaluation (ATQ) Information Technology (AIT) Integrated Product Development System (IPDS) Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center National AirSpace Information National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) Personnel Reform Policy, Planning and International Aviation (API) Public Affairs (APA) Regulation and Certification (AVR) Research and Acquisitions (ARA) Rulemaking (ARM) System Architecture and Program Evaluation (ASD) System Capacity (ASC) System Safety William J. Hughes Technical Center Year 2000 Informational Website for the FAA AIRPORTS (ARP) provides leadership in planning and developing a safe and efficient national airports system. AIR TRAFFIC SERVICES (ATS) ensures safety, efficient operation, and maintenance, of the air tranportation system. COMMERCIAL SPACE (AST) regulates and promotes the commercial space and transportation industries. REGULATION AND CERTIFICATION (AVR) Group, promotes the highest safety standards in the world and provides quality service to the public. RESEARCH AND ACQUISITIONS (ARA) provides guidance relating to acquisition policy, research, system prototyping, and information resource management.

    U.S. General Accounting Office (GAO) - Images/Links: 3, 18 - The General Accounting Office is the investigative arm of Congress. Charged with examining matters relating to the receipt and disbursement of public funds, GAO performs audits and evaluations of Government programs and activities. GAO Reports and Testimony Comptroller General Decisions and Opinions Functions transferred to the Executive branch Reports on Federal Agency Major Rules GAO Policy and Guidance Materials Special Publications and Software GAO FraudNET Report allegations of fraud, waste, abuse or mismanagement of federal funds About GAO Order Printed Copies of GAO Reports By Web Order Form By Email Mailing Lists Daybook (lists newly released and newly available GAO reports and testimony. Unsubscribe Decisions (lists newly released Comptroller General Decisions)

    U.S. Transportation Command USTRANSCOM - Images/Links: 0, 0

    United Nations Economic Commission for Europe - Images/Links: 0, 0

    United Parcel Service Home Page - Images/Links: 3, 5 - UPS Employment Opportunities Contact UPS with your questions or comments.

    US Bureau of Transportation Statistics - Images/Links: 9, 9

    Virtual Logistics - Images/Links: 7, 19 - Journals & Papers Software An objective and comprehensive directory of Logistics Resources (Transportation, Warehousing, Systems, Academic, Research, Law and Consultants) on the Web. The mission of this project is to provide an open, objective global logistics resource to the body of people who would like to see a consolidated resource of Logistics Materials published on the world wide web. This publishing resource is being provided as a "logistics community service" because we believe that it "needs to be done". If you are active in logistics and would like to "publish to the world" and don't quite know where to start. We will be happy to publish with you any research paper or article you have authored or add a link that you would like to see referenced here for you at no charge.

    Welcome to ISO Online - Images/Links: 11, 21 - Introduction to ISO ISO technical committees ISO structure ISO meeting calendar ISO members worldwide ISO Catalogue ISO 9000 News Service What's new at ISO? To contact us, see the ISO Central Secretariat address

    Werner Logistics - Images/Links: 6, 2 - Werner Logistics includes such services as: brokerage, intermodal, transloading, warehousing and management. This open-ended service allows Werner Enterprises to provide a truly single source freight management program. For information on this service send an E-mail to or call 1-800-228-2240.

    World Business Organization - Images/Links: 0, 0

    World Wide Web Virtual Library: Transportation Page - Images/Links: 1, 22 - The World Wide Web Virtual Library: Transportation Page If you know of transportation information which is not listed below, please write to: Airports Airlines Highway Rail Recreational Research Traffic Transit Services Water Related Virtual Library Subjects Other Transportation Libraries

    WWW Hub for the IIT Research Institute - Images/Links: 1, 13 - IIT Research Institute - IITRI - Excellence in Science & Technology Click on one of the topics above, or use the text links below: Headquartered in Chicago, IIT Research Institute is one of the nation's largest independent, not-for-profit contract research organizations. Specializing in the application of modern technology to real-world problems, IITRI has provided R&ampD support to government and industry since 1936. IITRI Groups & Capabilities: Advanced Technology Group Using INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY to develop new business procedures, evaluating industrial materials and processes through MANUFACTURING AND ASSURANCE TECHNOLOGY, and providing ACQUISITION SUPPORT to help modernize the nation's tax system. Applied Sciences Group Developing techniques that eliminate ENVIRONMENTAL pollutants, working to reduce a variety of HEALTH hazards including AIDS, and exploring better ENERGY recovery methods for existing fuel sources.

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