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LogisticsWorld's library is dedicated to all the military loggies who made possible the impossible plans of their brilliant leaders. After all, "Behind every great leader there was an even greater logistician."


The WWW Virtual Library of Logistics provides starting points for logistics professionals to locate and share logistics resources on the Internet. The goal of the site is to speed the process of locating logistics information in the Internet, and to present learning opportunities to logistics professionals.

This site is aimed at the "whole logistician" by providing links to a broad spectrum of news, information, services, and activities. The concept of logistics as applied in here begins with logistics planning and ends with reclamation and recovery. In other words, logistics includes integrating the aspects of:

logistics planning, design, manufacturing, purchasing, procurement, contracting, provisioning, fielding, marketing, sales, transportation, distribution, supply, warehousing, materials handling, maintenance, reclamation, recovery, reuse, management, support, technology, and research.

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Virtual Library of Logistics - A guide to logistics, transportation, distribution, supply, maintenance, manufacturing, management, reliability, mathematics, business, and quality on the web.

The site contains a database of over 75,000 sites on the internet, and additional sites listed topic pages.

Library URLs are the result of searches and categorization of sites using various internet search engines. Many links are the result of numerous site visits (surfing) and investigation of site resources. Links are also submitted directly from users. Anyone is welcome to submit links, conferences, news or other inputs.

The site is produced using the Microsoft Internet Developer Studio, FrontPage, VBScript, ActiveX Controls, Active Server Pages, and served from a Microsoft NT4 IIS Index/SQL server.


A number of commercial services, products, firms, and educational institutions are referenced in these pages. This is required to present the broadest picture of logistics resources on the Internet. These references in no way represent endorsement by the service provider or the domain-name owners, nor does it imply that these are preferred or premium services.

Every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in these pages; however, no warranty is made concerning the accuracy or timeliness of the information presented.

Any resemblence between the LogLink dated Nov 1, 1995 and subsequent versions of LogLink is purely coincidental. Subsequent versions (beginning with LogLink dated Dec 1, 1995) are complete rebuilds of the November version. Any resemlence between LogLink and LogisticsWorld after Oct 1, 1997 are purely coincidental. LogisticsWorld dated Oct 1, 1997 and subsequent versions are complete rebuilds of the LogLink pages.

LogisticsWorld is in no way associated with the Canadian website and services "Logistics World" (

LogisticsWorld is privately funded and operated.

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Special thanks to everyone who supported and contributed to the WWW Virtual Library of Logistics.

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